today's cutie

  • Published January 20th, 2011 by Cathy Biggs
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Isn't he a cutie!  Brendan has beautiful eyes!

Kids Contest is set to begin!

  We are gearing up to start our annual Children's Portrait Contest!   This year the contest will run from Feb. 1 to April 1.  As in the past, there are no session fees only a $15 entry fee.  You will receive the 8x10 portrait of your choice for your entry fee!  Discounts on all contest sessions will be on a sliding scale!  This is a great opportunity to get a wonderful portrait and save some money!  A 16x20 portrait will be awarded to the winner of each age category.  The grand prize winner will also receive a 12x24 storyboard!   Stay tuned to hear about our new judging system.  This year we will let the people vote for the winners!!!